Meet two of the hardest workers I have in the gym. I love to see all the success they are having since they started their health and fitness journey over the last year; most of all that they have been able to stick to their guns TOGETHER! Talk about couple goals!

Here is an except of an interview I did with Dean & Kellie recently. For your sakes I've cut out all the laughing and banter in between! We had a lot of fun, and there were a many great insights, and parts of their road to success that I think people would love to hear about. So I'm sharing it here with you today!

JD: Ok guys, let’s start off by telling me a bit about yourselves. How was your lifestyle going when you decided to make the change? What was it that brought on it on? Tell me your story.

Dean: One of the main motivators for us to join Anytime. Was just healthy living. We took up a relationship with Jd as our personal trainer, because i was diagnosed with type two diabetes. One of the main motivators was we wanted to start a family. And we cant really do that if we aren’t healthy. And that was one of the main drives.

JD: Kellie I remember one of the first things that we talked about when we first started.

Kellie: I joined to support Dean, when he got diagnosed with diabetes. We had to look at our life, and the lifestyle we were leading. And thats where we met you (Jd). We had bad lifestyle, do you remember back then?

Dean: What!? Yeah, I had a mirror.


Kellie: (Laughing) it was bad.

Dean: Starting in January we decided to have a family. Our doctors told us health wise that we needed to concentrate on that, and we did have a very unhealthy lifestyle at the time. So we joined our local gym, and just after we joined I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We were encouraged to work with Jd at Big John Fitness. Jd has given us the instructions and motivation to work on building a much more healthier lifestyle.

Jd: Tell me more about what got you over the threshold in the first place.

Kellie: So when we first started we both weren’t very used to going to gym or anything like that. So it was quite a scary place to go to. We were lucky that we were able to find a trainer who was happy to help us out. And really get on board and be part of our support team, especially with Dean and his diabetes. We really needed a strong support team at the start and we were really lucky that we found Big John fitness.

JD: One of the things that inspired me about your journey was not only the fact that you were able to make the effort, but have been willing to go that extra mile by getting a PT  when you realised things weren’t necessarily working the way you wanted it to. But specifically Kellie your motivator was Dean. Rather than going ‘Dean is the one with the problem,’ you were able to identify that it was a lifestyle issue for you as a pair, and you were able to make that change together.

Kellie: It is certainly something that opened my eyes to OUR unhealthy lifestyle!

Dean: Kellie understands my main motivation on how to get me to do anything. And so she knew that through a roster and excel spreadsheet, she was able to put together a meal plan from the start, so that I understood exactly what I needed to eat, and the healthier ways to eat. We were able to implement that with our conversations with you. Using that tool along with Jd’s instructions we were able to restart the journey on a much easier note. Personally, with Kellie’s and Jd’s support, that was a much easier start for me.

Jd: What were some of the barriers or struggles you found?

Dean: I think one of the main struggles that people find when they’re at the gym and being intimidated by the people at the gym, and the personal trainers is the personalities. We have found that working with Jd, he makes it so much easier. He shaped our meal plans, our workout plans, not just to suit us as individuals, but as couple. Because he knew that we were doing this journey together. And having that friendly face there every day ensured that if we weren’t at one particular gym, we could visit another and he would still be there to support us through that journey. So finding someone that you can click with, someone that you can build up a friendship with, because you need friends to help you through the journey was really important.

Jd: Thank you. I think you actually really touched on someone that i didn’t even consider today, which is your environment, and how important it is, and also to be social. Making fitness fun, and not just a chore by creating an environment where you are going to socialise. You are going to spend time with friends, and enjoy, instead of going there to get your ass whipped by some bloke in a string-let.

Thanks for the chat Kellie & Dean! All I can say is this is the dream team. Nothing more important than family, and you guys have shown such impressive grit and determination to make sure yours is as happy and healthy as it can can be! It truly is a pleasure to see you guys strive for a healthier lifestyle together and I know there will be many more exciting milestones to come in your journey!

Check out the Big John Fitness Instagram or Facebook page to see the video interview, and Dean and Kellie in action!

Thanks for reading!

JD xx

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Kellie & Dean, two of the hardest workers at Anytime Lawnton, and a true inspiration to couples everywhere, trying to make a change together!


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