Big John Fitness offers multiple methods of nutrition coaching, based on your lifestyle and health and fitness goals.



Members will log the food they eat on a weekly basis and relay that information onto the trainer. The trainer will then give advice, tools and information to the member on how they can make better choices to not only improve their health but also achieve their personal goals whether they are aesthetic or fitness related.


Members will use the BIG JOHN app to track their calories and macro-nutrient information. Big John will assess your energy and macro requirements based on your individual health goals, and set you achievable daily targets, continuing to monitor progress and make changes as needed.


We can provide you with a full comprehensive meal plan based on your unique goals. With your energy and nutrient requirements, and dietary limitations in mind, Big John will provide a breakdown on exactly how to prepare meals for the best outcome. 

Plans are uploaded to the BIG JOHN app where members can also upload your weekly statistics such as weight, waist measurements and skin fold measurements so you can monitor the results as they come!