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Meet Glenys ladies and gentlemen

This post is dedicated to Glenys Bradley. Over the last six months, she has not only changed her life but others around her. She has worked incredibly hard and has been a living embodiment of what "BIG JOHN FITNESS" is all about. Glenys started her journey with only her mobility in mind but has since cast her goals much higher then initially imagined. Having only just recently achieved a ride of over 100km in a week for charity, this being only a month after needing a walking aid!!. This lady inspires myself and others on a weekly basis. Keep up the great work Glenys!! 

  • Over 10kg LOST
  • No longer needs walking aids!


    Glenys's Experience

     "I have nerve damage from cancer medication and was having so much trouble with my limbs that Doctors and Specialists couldn't do anything for me. On 12/12/17, I had a lightbulb moment and rang Clontarf Anytime Fitness to see if they could help me. On 15/12/17, I had my 1st free session with Jd Collins. He is a gentleman, kind, caring and thoughtful and I was impressed enough to ask him to be my PT at my 2nd free session.  Within 2 weeks, I could once again cut my toenails, put on socks and sneakers and by the 8th of February, I walked over 1 km without my walker..... a huge milestone for me. He even bought a machine to check my blood pressure.... I am 68.  My life has changed so much and I am happier and healthier and last week managed to lift 50kg.  My children have noticed a huge improvement in me as well. I really trust him and know I am in very safe hands."


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